Tim Snow Driving School Testimonials

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"Having never driven before in my life, I learned the skills from Tim in his excellent and intuitive lessons. Clear explanations and friendly personality allowed me to easily pass and I looked forward to every single lesson I had. Brilliant instructor, highly recommended."

by XS

"With my previous instructor I had a few problems as he never had patience and he never gave me a confident boost always put my driving down but tim has been great with me, he has giving me the confident boost that i needed and it has led me to pass my test first time. He's very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable when in a lesson."

by Ash Jones

"With past instructors I had had a lot of problems with nerves which badly affected my driving. Tims patient approach helped me to over come these problems and pass first time. He's the perfect instructor for anyone with confidence issues."

by Boris

"Having been learning to drive for a year already and given up due to lack of motivation, tim set my motivation back on track right away, he is a very patient teacher and someone i can now call my friend aswell as my driving instructor who helped me to pass first time, thankyou Tim."

by Ellie Connor

As a first time driver understandably I was very nervous getting into the car for my first lesson, but after 5 minutes in the car with Tim I felt very calm and at ease. He is a very thorough and patient instructor, really easy to get on with, and lessons are great value for money.I would definitely reccomend Tim for anyone who is learning to drive.

by Sophie Fletcher