Reversing Manoeuvre - Reversing out of a Bay

The 4 Reversing Manoeuvres

Whilst on your driving test, you will be asked to perform one of four reversing manoeuvres. The reverse out of a bay is a little more trickier than other manoeuvres, just a little more structure to get it right and stay safe.

These instructions are if you are doing this manoeuvre in a 5 door Vauxhall Corsa and may vary slightly if practiced in another vehicle. Please note that most instructors have their own way of doing these manoeuvres.

This particular manoeuvre is not done in the test centre car park. There are many car parks that the examiners use to undertake this manoeuvre whilst on test. A list of the more popular ones are below.

  • Asda Carpark
  • Morrisons Car Park
  • Curry's and TK Max Car Park
  • Next Car Park
  • B & Q Car Park
  • Park and Ride Car Park in top Llanfair PG
  • Co-oP Car Park in Llanfair PG

1. The examiner will take you into a car park, maybe one of the above, maybe a different one!

2. They will then say something "I would like you to drive head first into any bay on the right or left"

Parking on the right

3. This is the easier of the two, but still needs care in order to prform this successfully. There are a few guideline that if you follow will increase your chances of success.

  • Mirror, Mirror, Signal first
  • Slow down to about 1 MPH
  • Keep the car well to the left
  • Make sure you get your reference point
  • Steering on straight away to full lock at your reference point
  • Keep it dead slow

Also remember that most of the car parks are ONE WAY, so you must exit the car park the correct direction, other than Tesco car park which to the best of my knowledge is not used at the moment, the only other car park which is not one way is ASDA.

tim snow driving instructor