Practice for your driving test

Practice with family

They say practice makes perfect, so any extra practice you can get will increase the chances of passing your test. If you are not able to get any extra practice with friends or family, then don't worry, plenty of people can't and still pass first time!

When going out with family to practice your driving, try not to just go out for a jolly! Think about those areas where you need practice, maybe you have been getting extra practice with your instructor on manouveres or planning, try and go over these area of driving and see if you can improve on them.

Generally we tend to shy away from those areas in life where we lack confidence. Driving is no different! Have a think to yourself the areas that you don't like or feel uncomfortable, these maybe roundabouts or one of the reversing manouvers, if you're not keen on these areas, there's a good chance you lack knowledge and confidence and would probably benefit from more training in these areas.

Further driving practice before your test

If you are lucky enough to have access to a vehicle to practice in, then we suggest that you practice in the following areas.

  • Tregarth All entrances in and out
  • Bangor Town
  • Menai Bridge & Llanfairpwll
  • One Stop roundabout and Burger King roundabout

Practicing the Reversing Manoeuvers

Whilst on your driving test, you will be asked to perform one of four reversing manoeuvres.

Parallel Park
Pull up on the right
Reverse Bay Park
Reverse out of Bay

Whilst performing your reverse manoeuvre you will be assessed on your ability to control the vehicle's speed and steering, also your observational skills.

Moving off and Stopping

You will also be asked to pull over on the left several times, maybe 4 or 5! This is to check that you can pull over on the left safely with effective observation. You will also need to make sure that when your moving off, after doing your six point check that you recheck your right door mirror and blind spot, that you only move off when it is safe to do so.

You will need to demonstrate whilst on your driving test that you can control the vehicle at all times, whilst keeping effective observations, giving due respect to all other road users and driving in accordance with the Highway Code.