The Services I Offer

New Starter

Never driven before? That's fine don't be nervous, the first few lessons usually start in a safe and quiet environment in order to feel safe, be safe and build your confindence up.

After doing a small bit of paperwork, taking your licence details (you need to bring this to your first lesson) any contact details etc we will then do a thorough briefing about the controls you'll be using in the first few lessons.


So you've done some lessons before? Depending on when you last drove and how much driving you did, we will choose a safe location to restart your driving. If you haven't driven for sometime we will start in a quite location and at a quiet time. This will help you feel less nervous and build your confidence up.

We will make sure you've done all the basic modules like emergency stop, dual carriageways etc and then start putting those skills you've already learnt into more practice. We will start driving on those roads and routes that you may encounter on your test. We will also be practicing the four reversing manouvers, you will be asked to do one of these on test.

As well as preparing you for test, we will be working on those driving skills that will help you become a safer driver once you've passed your test.

Taken a test which was unsuccessful

So you've taken a test before and been unsucessful, maybe with another driving instuctor and for whatever reason you want to retake the test with another instructor. We can find out what happened on your test, what skills you've already developed and look at any areas where we need to build up your confidence in order for you to retake your test and pass.

Taking an extended test

In the unfortunate event, that you've lost your licence or rather had it taken off you, because you've comitted an offence you will have to resit what is know as an extented test, which is usually about 90 minutes.

Pass Plus

The DVSA recommends that new car drivers who have just passed their practical test consider taking a Pass Plus course. Pass Plus is a course of six extra modules taken with a Pass plus driving instructor after passing your test.

For further information on Pass Plus Cymru and their funded courses please click here.

Unfortunately due to our extremely busy workload at the moment, we are not doing any Pass Plus Courses