Theory Test and Driving Test

In order to receive your full driving licence you are required to pass two tests, the theory test and the practical test. You cannot book your driving test until you have passed your theory test.

The Theory Test

The theory test is comprised of two parts; the multiple choice section followed by the hazard perception section. You must pass both parts at the same time. The theory test must be taken and passed before you can take your practical driving test.

Multiple Choice

The test is conducted on a computer screen. For the multiple choice section you will be asked 50 questions based around the highway code, you must get 43 correct answers to pass this section. There is a brief introduction and you can practice a few questions before the test begins. You will have 57 minutes to complete this part. If you are not sure of an answer you can 'flag' the question to return to it later.

Hazard Perception

The hazard perception part will begin with a short tutorial clip to show you how this part of the test works. The test comprises of 14 video clips of everyday driving. It is your task to spot emerging hazards in each clip. 13 clips have one emerging hazard and one clip has two hazards. An emerging hazard being one which you may have to change speed or direction. Each hazard can attract a maximum of 5 points and you must score a total of 44 out of 75 to pass this section. The cost is currently £23.00.

The Theory Test Centre in Bangor

theory test centre in bangor

The Theory Test centre in Bangor is situated at the lower part of town. Walk down the main high street, passed the cross roads where Williams and Goodwin Estate agents are, and The Pearson test centre is on the left hand side about 4 doors down opposite the job centre.

The address for the theory test centre in Bangor is: 311 High Street Bangor North Wales Ll57 1YA

The Driving Test

Your driving test will start with an eyesight check and vehicle safety questions, also known as the show me tell me questions. You will then start your practical test which will include any one of four reversing manoeuvres at some point during the test.

The driving part of your test will last 38 to 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, including when you are carrying out the reversing manouevre. You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more results in failure). However, if you commit one serious or dangerous fault you will fail the test.

When the driving test is over, the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed. You can request feedback on your test from the examiner, who will then go through your performance during the test. The cost is currently £62.00

Retaking Your Test

In the unfortunate event that you have to retake your driving test, you will have to wait 10 days before you retake it, but you can book it straight away. You may have to wait a while for a reasonable slot to take your test, if you want to look for cancellations at short notice look here.

The test costs £62.00 if taken on a week day and £75 if taken at the weekend. Weekend tests are not very common at the moment.

Pass Plus

The DVSA recommends that new car drivers who have just passed their practical test consider taking a Pass Plus course. Pass Plus is a course of six extra modules taken with a Pass plus driving instructor after passing your test.

For further information on Pass Plus Cymru and their funded courses please click here.